The Immortal Life is the way to highly luxurious life that newer ends. The immortality is the side effect of Immortal Life that simply means living without dying. In the last century, PhD Allen Omton found the secret of eternal life that assumes aging, but not decaying that is the part of Immortal Life.

Allen Omton found that permanent resonance with the Energy of the Universe is the way we can life different type of life that he calls “Immortal Life”. Many people try this approach and change they life for better. You can find books on Amazon written by Allen Omton and other remarkable people.

Each publisher and researcher has its own vision and approach to the life to make it bright. Allen Omton found the way that works for everyone. Allen Omton.

The immortal society is growing day by day and some members are responding on Allen’s theory and practice of immortality. Serge Dobrow is one of Allen’s friends and he published a book with his own immortal life practical experience. In his book Serge describes how he use immortality to survive the most critical moments in his live and life of his family. This book is one of the best presentation of practical immortal life and eternity. Serge Dobrow.



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